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Friday, December 7, 2012

When "Soapy" Comes To Play

First of all (are you impressed I didn't start with the word "So" because I am), I have sort of been MIA.  It's not because I haven't wanted to blog, but with Christmas coming things get busy.

For some of you I expect you will thouroughly enjoy the lack of blogging when your Christmas goodies arrive (special shout out to Aunty Jen and Uncle Buck who are actually the only ones who get shipped their goodies).  For the rest of you - I can post the recipees later and you can make them yourselves.

I have things I want to write about, but even though I have a little blog "to do list" lets be honest, they'll probably never make it here, but I'll try.

For now I will again share some random stories about my kids (and a good friend's kid) from last night.

Last night Justin headed out for worship practice and I got the chance to hang out with baby Sophie again.

It really was a great night.

Here are some of the highlights that I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Taylor age 5
Jordan age 4
Elijah age 2
Sophie 9 months

Elijah: com’on Soapy, Com’on.  ::whine::
Me: What’s wrong Eli?
Elijah: Soapy play cars (he wanted Sophie to play cars with him which ended with each car in her mouth)
Me: She’s too little to play with your cars ::pick up Sophie and take her back to the toys in the living room::
Elijah: SOAPY! Come here!! ::Sophie crawls quickly to Eli’s room:: Soapy come in bed, com’on Soapy.
Me: Elijah, Sophie doesn’t need to get in your bed
Elijah: Com’on Soapy, come in bed.
Me: Sophie can play with the other toys :: pick up Sophie and take her back to the toys in the living room::
Elijah: ::slowly starts taking all the toys out of the living room to his room:: Soapy! Com’on, come play toys.  ::Sophie crawls to Eli’s room – I follow her to see Elijah has moved all the toys into his bed and again is trying to coax Sophie into his bed::
Me:: Seriously?!

Jordan: Mommy, can we make birthday cards for Jesus?
Me: That’s a great idea! ::help girls get started::
Taylor: Mommy, I’m going to draw a picture of what I’m going to give Jesus for his birthday
Me: ok
Taylor: ::coloring with deep concentration:: Look mommy – it’s my heart!
Me: Taylor that’s great! Why do you want to give Jesus your heart for his birthday?
Taylor: Because I love him and he loves me and he takes care of us when we make mistakes.
Me: ::melts::


Jordan: Can I feed Sophie?
Me: No, she can hold the bottle by herself, she’s getting big
Jordan: ::sits next to me and begins rubbing my belly::
Me: What are you doing?
Jordan: I’m making the baby grow in your belly so I can feed her a bottle.
Me: ::sigh:: Jordan, I already told you mommy is not having any more babies
Jordan: ::runs to her room crying::

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