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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things My Kids Said - 2012 Edition

You know – the normal conversations that happen around our house:

Story 1:

Justin: Explaining his dream
Jordan: I walked in the room and saw you naked!
Me: What? When did you do that (terror in my mind thinking of what she may have witnessed)
Jordan: In the dream

Apparently, Jordan felt left out of Justin’s dream and decided to add her self to it.  Permanently scarring image burned into her brain averted.

Story 2:

I’m sitting in bed typing away on my laptop working.  Jordan lays in bed next to me and starts swiping her finger across the screen:

Me: What are you doing?
Jordan: I’m trying to change the picture!

Story 3:
Taylor: Mommy can I play on your iPod?
Me: We don’t have an iPod, do you mean Daddy's Kindle?
Jordan: No she means your game-pod! (FYI she means gameboy)
Story 4:

Taylor: Elijah you're so beautiful
Jordan: No he's gorgeous
Taylor: Ok, he's handsome

Story 5:
As Taylor sits doing homework Jordan watches and says "Taylor, that's exactly right!"
Story 6:
Taylor: mom why do you make me brush my teethe every day and every day
Me: ::scare tactics - Look up tooth decay images on google::
Taylor: Can I have more toothpaste?
Story 7:
Taylor: Why is a lot of Candy bad for you?
Justin: Because if you eat too much it can mess your liver and then you get diabetes.
Jordan: What is dia-bevus?
Story 8:
Taylor: ::scream:: Mommy my tooth is broke!
Me: What happened?
Taylor: Its all wiggly
Me: Yay your first tooth is loose! You're going to get grown up teeth
Taylor: ::starts crying:: I don't want big fat teeth

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  1. Love the new Blog design :) so pretty and I so love your kids and there many funny sayings.