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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me!

The Davis’ has a happy and busy weekend.  It was the weekend of birthday celebration for me which really just followed almost an entire week of birthday things too:

Monday: Delicious Baked goods from Stephanie (that's a Marscepone Cheese Tart MMM)

Tuesday: All Day Seminar with Lunch at Red Robin (That's a BluCheese Burger)

Wednesday: All Day Relaxation and Bible Study
Thursday: Birthday Lunch with the Girls (I have THE BEST friends)

Then on Friday night with a few friends coming over to play a game.  What did I find out this eve?
  1. A 5 player game can quickly turn into a game of 5 players with 2 spectators.
  2. Cady is pronounced Kay-Dee and not Cad-Dee which drastically changes your thoughts on the gender behind the name
  3. Sometimes there is just no hope for the Heroes
  4. Brad would be a great person to gamble since he can roll the least likely roll about 80% of the time.  Good for Vegas bad for Overloarding

On Saturday my Daddy came over to take me on a Costco run.  As soon as we got back we headed to Joe’s Crab Shack for a delicious lunch with friends followed by an embarrassing moment of hula and birthday music.  We then headed back to our place for some games (round 1) and games (round 2).  What did I find out this day?
  1. Crab is Delicious, but when you are one of the few people out of 20 that orders it you find yourself still eating while everyone just watches with an empty plate in front of them
  2. Kids will always find a way to get themselves as messy as possible
  3. Even with 6 kids in the house the adults can manage to get a few good games and conversation in
  4. It’s hard to find an impromptu nail salon that you can trust (FYI we did not find one)
  5. I enjoy making people happy more then entertaining myself (seriously)
  6. We (Phil, Megan, Justin, and I) just need to start a campaign already

Then there was Sunday.  No worship team rehearsal for us so we didn’t have to be at church until 9! That’s an extra hour of sleep theoretically which didn’t happen, but in theory sounds great.  We went to Sunday School then ditched the main service to meet the Key’s at Disneyland.  We left around 4 and spoiled ourselves with biegnets, snow cones, and spicy awesomeness.  What did I find out this day?
  1. If you FINALLY remember to put sun block on your kids AND yourself for a change – don’t forget your back or you’ll end up with a random strip of burnt.
  2. You can go to Disneyland fully prepared to spend money and spend nothing or go prepared to spend nothing (or very little) and end up spending a ton of money.  Note: 1 of those puts you in a very good mood and the other puts you in a rather bad mood
  3. The rapids ride version of 42 inches is different then all other 42 inch rides at Disneyland
  4. If there are 4 adults and 6 kids and 2 of the adults leave to go on a ride, the remaining 2 adults get asked if they are a married Mormon couple.
  5. Also in the above scenario at least 1 of the 6 children is lost at any given moment…and it was usually Jordan (surprised? Of course not)
  6. Leaving early because of a tired child is actually a blessing in disguise
  7. Stopping for biegnets after a day in the sun is ALWAYS a good idea
  8. Stopping a Mexican man with a Cart of spicy yummyness is always a BAD idea.  Don’t let the taste of delicious mask the fact that you will probably be vomiting up that deliciousness several hours later and it burns much more coming back up then going down.
  9. Going to bed at 9PM with your kids because of the above mentioned scenario does not make you any less tired at 6 AM because you just spent the day walking around Disneyland 

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