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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just a Boy and a Girl

9 years ago I woke up and got ready for work.

I walked by my parents and sister as I left with a simple good bye.  It seemed like any other day, but it wasn't.

 I got to work and what was my job for the day? Helping several kids celebrate their birthday as their party host.  I spent the entire day singing Happy Birthday, serving Birthday cake, watching them open their Birthday gifts, and watching all of the Birthday smiles.

On my breaks I would check my phone for texts or voice mail looking for something to indicate this special day.  I had nothing, it seemed like any other day, but it wasn't.

I got off work and sat in my car as tears filled my eyes.  It was my birthday and nobody had called.  Nobody had texted. Even everyone I saw at work and home treated the day like any other day.

As I cried I got a phone call from my BEST friends in the world, "Us". They hadn't forgotten!

My friend's voice came through the phone, "What street is that theater on in Chino?"

I answered and thought, Sweet we're going to see a movie!

My friend, my best friend, thanked me for the info and hung up.  I wasn't invited.  It seemed like any other day and I accepted that fact and headed back to campus to drown my sorrows in late night TV alone in my dorm room.

As I got to campus I got a phone call.  A call from a boy I was in choir with.  A boy I had only known for a month. Just a boy.

This boy said Happy Birthday and asked how my Birthday was going.  And that boy listened to me cry.

That boy listened to me as I told him about the most lonely birthday I have ever had.  The first Birthday away from home as an "adult" and how miserable I was.

That boy said he was going to make sure this day wasn't just another day, but a special day.  He asked me my favorite place to be and took me there.

There we sat Just that Boy and Just this Girl.  On the breakers at the beach watching the waves crash.  On my Birthday 9 years ago this Girl fell in love with that Boy even though she didn't know it yet.

It became a special day, the most special of all days.

THANK YOU! To everyone who has helped (and will be helping) me make every Birthday since, (including this one) special.  I love you friends.

And in case you were wondering, a little over 2 years later That Boy asked This Girl to marry him while sitting on those same breakers at the beach.

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