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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taylor and Lincoln

Taylor has an odd relationship with Lincoln.  And Yes, I do mean good ol’ Abe Lincoln our 16th president.  And No I did not know he was our 16th president until I looked it up on good ol’ Wikipedia.

I digress.  I enjoy using the word digress it makes me feel smart even though I don’t actually know if I am using correctly.

Taylor learned about Lincoln around Presidents Day for understandable reasons.  She learned what he looked like as she made a Lincoln head out of construction paper.  She learned that he helped free slaves (which I believe her teacher did not fully explain – you’ll see why shortly).  She learned that he died.  She probably learned other things, but these are the only things I know for sure based on the following series of events.

1. Dead President

Justin took the kids to Disneyland to see Abe Lincoln talk.  Taylor cried at the end of the show because she was upset that Lincoln was dead.  Which gives even MORE confusing based on a later conversation that went like this:

2. Lincoln the C3PO

Justin: Taylor do you want to go see Lincoln again?
Taylor: He’s not a real Lincoln he’s just a C3PO.  My friends told me he’s a robot, he’s not real.
Justin: You didn’t know he wasn’t real? I mean you cried because you were sad he was dead.  Who did you think he was?
Taylor: ::silence:: He’s just a C3PO.  I’m serious.
::Justin and I laugh since a talking robot to Taylor means C3PO::

Also “I’m Serious” is her new thing…she says it ALL THE TIME, I’m serious, she does – quite annoying)

3. Child Slave

After asking Taylor to put her blanket back in her room she muttered under her breath “We’re just like slaves”

SAY WHAT?!  Justin took the pleasure in explaining to her what slavery really is and how since the PERSON that is slave is personal property of another nothing they have is actually their own and if she really felt like we were treating her like a slave we would then take all of her things since they aren’t really hers anyways.  She was not a fan of this idea.

Taylor: “I’m Serious! We’re just your slaves!”

So it looks like I’m going to be looking for a movie/documentary or something in the very near future to fully express to her how un-slave like her life actually it.

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