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Monday, April 15, 2013

So Sayith Tay and Jay #44 - Doctor Who Edition

What is Doctor Who?

Taylor: Um, Doctor who is a show about space and time.

Jordan: Doctor who is a play thing and he flies in his play thing.

Who is the Doctor?

Taylor: Um, a time Lord that travels space, um through space actually.

Jordan: Um he has light things.

Who helps the Doctor?

Taylor: Well his people that help him.  Well they are there and they are not there anymore because they don't have them anymore and after that happens he gets a new one.

Jordan: Who helps the Doctor is the girl

If you could go with the Doctor where would you go?

Taylor: Um, the time when I was a baby because I wanna see when I was a baby.

Jordan: I would go at Disneyland because I like to go at Disneyland.

Who's the scariest in Doctor Who?

Taylor: Well, the pretend God because I saw there was four of them and it scared me.

Jordan: A dragon.

Who's your favorite in Doctor Who?

Taylor: The Doctor, the one that travels in space.  I like the first one (she means the 10th Doctor) because I really want to do that to see how he died (she hasn't seen that episode/movie).

Jordan: It's the girl, Daisy (huh?)

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