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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jordan Wants A Doggy

It all started this weekend as we ate ribs for dinner.  Jordan looked at me very seriously and said, "Don't throw away the bones, we need to save them."

I asked her why so she told me it was for when she gets a doggy some day.

A few days later she asked me, "When our house gets old where are we going to live?"

So I told her we would be living here for awhile and then buying a house someday.

Jordan: Can you buy a yard too?  For my doggy.  And lots of bones.  Not giant bones, but regular bones.  And I want to feed my doggy food and give him water.  And I want to buy a thing that can go on his neck so we can walk around with him.  And I want to buy a puppy that grow big.  And mommy and daddy can open the door for him so I can give him bones.

Mommy will a bad guy come to our house? Because my doggy will get him and we'll be safe.  I wont be scared if we have a doggy.

Can you buy me a doggy now?

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