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Monday, June 17, 2013

No Use Cryin' Over Popped Balloons

As I sat and thought about what I wanted to blog about on my lunch break today I was torn between 2 things:

Father's Day
Taylor's Graduation

One of those happens every year and one of those is a once in a lifetime event (that is a total waste of time...its Kindergaten people!)

I chose the once in a lifetime event because:

1. I really like the dress Taylor is wearing and want to show it off as much as I can
2. To get it out of the way...I mean we went becuase Taylor was excited and for that reason I am excited...but really...KINDERGARTEN graduation?!
3. I haven't had time to sit and go through all my pictures to find good Father's Day ones yet

So I took the day off on Friday to enjoy (tolerate) sitting outside in the hot sun for an hour (litteraly balloons were popping from the heat). 

We got to watch Taylor strut her stuff to her seat in the back row...and that's pretty much all we saw of her after that.  She was in the back row, behind other kids, and everyone in the front row of adults thought it was a brilliant idea to bring balloons and not hold them down so they were blocking the view of everyone behind them (myself included).

Taylor got in a fight with her cap about half way through the ceremony.
The cap one, so when she went up to get her "certificate" she was capless.

After the ceremony she got some goodies and some pictures with teachers and her best friend Isabella.  That was the best part in my opion.

We headed to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate (ie use a gift card we had).  I haven't been to Cheescake Factory in awhile and I must say I was rather impressed.  The portions were massive so really Justin and I had food for lunch and dinner that day, plus the kids, and 2 slices of cheescake for $60...not to shabby.

Overall it was good day minus the sunburns.  And I'm proud of my baby girl - we got her report card and she consistantly improved in every area this year!

Now let the mom led "summer school" begin...yes I AM that kind of mom and I'm ok with that.

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