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Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Happens in the Car Doesn't Stay in the Car

I am blessed with a great job that allows great flexibility because of my great boss.  That means I get to work from home a couple of hours every morning so I can drop Taylor off at school since she doesn’t start until 9:30.

This also means I get to be the one to take her to school almost every day.  So many odd conversations happen on this drive in the morning.

We’ve talked about genetic disorders
We’ve talked about physics
We’ve talked about why people use money
We’ve talked about how much smarter daddy is then mommy (only because daddy can look stuff up on the internet and she’s adamant that I cannot accomplish this task)

Recently though I found it quite entertaining and felt I should share (preface this by saying our Dryer hadn’t been working so Taylor’s choice of clothing was limited since we couldn’t dry (therefore wash) clothes in a couple of weeks.  AND Taylor hates wearing jeans which is all she had left).

Taylor: Mom can’t papa just fix our dryer?
Me: No baby
Taylor: Can you buy a new one?
Me: Probably, it just costs a lot of money.  Daddy will do some laundry today though and let the sun dry the clothes.
Taylor: Will you put them in my closet? I don’t like digging (Bad Mom confession, I have all the clean laundry sitting in one giant mound on my bedroom floor since I’ve been too lazy to fold and put it away).
Me: Maybe when I get home from work daddy can take you and Jordan to the pool and I can put away the laundry
Taylor: Why don’t you do it after we ALL go swimming
Me: Because then I’ll be too tired.  I work all day, and then make dinner, then go swimming and I won’t have time or energy to do laundry.
Taylor: Sometimes daddy makes dinner
Me: Yes he does
Taylor: Why doesn’t he make dinner all the time?
Me: Because he doesn’t know how to cook a lot of stuff only some stuff.
Taylor: But he makes the stuff with the hamburger and macaroni and cheese and that’s my favorite.
Me: Hamburger Helper?
Taylor: Yeah that
Me: Well you can’t eat just that all the time.  So that’s why I make dinner
Taylor: Well then could daddy do the laundry while you are at work?
Me::… Well… that’s not daddy’s job (although I was thinking Heck Yes he could but we both know that isn’t going to happen he hates doing laundry as much as I do)
Taylor: Can you make laundry somebody’s job and you can give them money
Me: No if I pay somebody to do our laundry we won’t have any money to do fun things
Taylor: Like go to Discovery Science Center! When do we get passes again?
Me: Well we have to wait to see if we can get passes.  A new dryer costs lots of money.  And we might go to San Diego with Aunt Tawni and Uncle Rob so we can go to Lego Land
Taylor: I love Lego Land! I’ve never been there and I want to go.
Me: Well if we go there we can’t get passes for Discovery Science Center
Taylor: Can’t everybody just pay for their own so it doesn’t cost a lot of money?
Me: Well, no.  I pay for our whole family.
Taylor: Can daddy pay too? He has lots of money.
Me: No, daddy doesn’t have a job so I pay for it
Taylor: So you give him money?
Me: Well…sort of. 
Taylor: I don’t understand
Me: What don’t you understand?
Taylor: Well if daddy get’s a job then who will stay home with Jordan and Elijah?
Me: That’s why daddy doesn’t have a job, but when Jordan and Elijah are in school too then daddy will get a job and make money
Taylor: Wow…then we’ll have a lot of money and we can buy a dryer, and go to Lego Land, and go to Discovery Science Center, and give somebody money to do our laundry.
Me: Probably not, but it’s a nice thought
Taylor: I like thinking.  It makes me smart.

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