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Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Afternoon List

 It’s Friday.  I’m exhausted.  And yet I have 500 things going through my mind that I want to share, laugh, or whine about.  So I’m giving you a random list of things.

YAY for random things!!!

1.       A few days ago I went to hug Jordan before I left for work.  She kept her arms at her side and would only bend them at the elbow.  I asked her “Jordan, what are you hiding?” She hung her head in defeat and lifted her arms as 2 bottles of nail polish dropped from her armpits.

2.       I went to a midnight showing of Thor last night.  Great movie.  Glad to hang out with Tiffany, Megan, and Heidi.  But I am SO stinking tired.  Oh to be a full time working mom of 3 (I’m sure a stay at home mom of 3 would be in the same boat…as I’m sure my husband is today).

3.       I love small ice cubes…like the ice cubes that are the size of peas (I hate peas, but pea sized ice is fabulous).  I would send Justin inside AMPM to get me cups of this ice while pregnant… I would send him now, but he’d just say no and call me lazy.   I am lazy.

4.       My feet are claustrophobic.  I am not.  Merely my feet.  I hate socks.  I only wear them when I have to.  I NEVER wear them if not also accompanied by shoes.  I hate walking around in just socks.  I must always have my sheets un-tucked at the foot of my bed so my feet can peek out of the bottom and be free.  This is why I sleep a quarter of the way down on our bed…so my feet can hang over the edge and not feel trapped by bars of cotton bedding.  This is also why we will NEVER have a foot board on our bed…NEVER… HOW would my feet escape?  Poor feet.

5.       I have a cyst on my left ovary.  I know you were curious about my ovaries…and your curiosity is sort of weird.  You should really stop thinking about my innards.  I know this from my non-baby ultrasound today.  This could delay things, but that’s a story for another blog.

I have more to say, but my favorite number is 5 and I don’t want to stop a list with number 7 or 8 because…that’s awkward.   I would stop it on 9 because that’s Justin’s favorite number.  I would also stop it on 10 because it’s a multiple of 5.

Happy Friday

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