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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Triple Stripe

I just got back from another visit with Dr. L. to see how things are progressing and make sure my insides are ready to accept some babies.

I got a big thumbs up!  I have the “triple stripe” which is some way to tell my uterus is healthy and I have a 11mm lining (minimum of 9mm for transfer).  AND I still have a week to go!  The Dr. was so confident in the results he opted for me not to do a blood test (which would be another way to confirm my levels are where they should be).

Yay for that.  I’m all for less needles.

So apparently the needles in my rear (and my husband doing the sticking) are working which is a big relief.  Note: The image below is the needle used to get the medication out of the bottle (18g - Thanks for noticing Tiffany!)...which I then swap with a slightly smaller needle for the actually poking (22g)

Starting tomorrow I will be getting 1-2 shots everyday (at least the 2 new ones are slightly smaller needles at 25g).

In 6 days I will be having two little girls implanted.

So here are my prayer requests for the upcoming weeks:

-          The baby(ies) stick...literally

-          The babies are HEALTHY!!!!

-          The upcoming drugs don’t make me too sick (at least 1 is supposed to cause mild/severe nausea)
-       That I can use this experience to minister to this family so they can see Christ's love

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