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Monday, March 31, 2014

So Sayith Tay, Jay, and Eli #4 (In Honor of 20 Weeks)

In honor of being HALF WAY DONE (20 weeks on yesterday) you will get a blog about babies...again...but they are funny so you know you can't complain.

How are babies made?

Taylor: In your belly.  But you have to get married.

Jordan: I don't know.

Elijah: Um, Sophie...Sophie's a baby.

Where do babies live?

Taylor: In your belly.

Jordan: In your tummy.  Tummy.

Elijah: In your tummy! Baby lives in your tummy.  Mommy does the baby live in your tummy.

How do babies come out of mommy's belly?

Taylor: In your vagina.  Then they come out as a baby.

Jordan: Your bajina

Elijah: By open your mouth.  Open your mouth for babies.  Babies come out of your mouth.

Tell me about the baby in mommy's belly now...

Taylor: There was 2 but one died.  But there is still one so that's good.  And I think its feeling good right now.  And that it is growing and mommy's belly is getting bigger and fatter.  That its really good and I'm glad that we are doing something for the parents.

Jordan: It's growing.  That your are gonna give it to some one.  Can I tell you what favorite movies I like? I like Mary Popins! I have 2 favorites.  I like Mary Poppins and the dog one.  And I'm going to tell you my favorite song ::starts singing:: I love rock and roll put another time in the jute box baby.  I love rock and roll wont you take your time and dance with me.  I can't show you the dance because I don't know it.

Elijah: Uh, his name is Sophie in your belly. Sophie's in your belly.  She likes to live in your belly.  Her mom's baby.  Sophie was in her mom's belly and she said my name is Sophie.  And Sophie calls baby Aria Sophie.

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