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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Doctor Who? (Inspired by Rachel K)

I recently read a friends post about her frustration finding a good OB. It reminded me of my rollercoaster of doctors over the past three years and I felt the need to share.

Doctor #1 - When I first found out I was pregnant with Taylor I had my primary doctor, the one I’d had for 20 years (give or take)! He didn’t do OB anymore and referred me to another doctor in his office.

Doctor #2 – This guy seemed ok, he was nice and what I thought was thorough. I had my first trimester blood work done and he sat me down one visit to explain to me I had a blood type that could harm the baby. He went on to explain what “could” happen. Pretty much that my body would think the baby is a virus and attack it. GREAT!! I was devastated! After a few more visits with him I began to dislike him. He didn’t seem to really know what he was talking about. So I asked for another referral.

Doctor #3 – This time a Russian lady I could barely understand in the same office. She was short and abrupt. Not very “personable”, but at this point I just didn’t care. I asked her more about my blood problem and she looked at me confused and said my blood type was fine. What a frustrating relief that was! She delivered my first baby AND even yelled at the nurse in the delivery room for not “prepping” me as she had asked which resulted in an undesired/unnecessary episiotomy. So although not very “sociable” she was good. She also did my OB for Jordan, but was on vacation when I delivered. That’s a whole other story in itself (involving 4 women all “pushing” at the same time and be being told to ‘hold it’ until they could find a doctor).

Doctor #4 – The joys of Blue Cross HMO. They stopped paying their bills so my doctor/hospital ended their contract. I couldn’t see my doctor of 20 years OR my OB. I just picked a name off the list of doctors and went. (not for OB yet). He was horrible. The office was dirty and I just felt uncomfortable the entire time!

Doctor #5 – Picked yet another name off the list. I walked into the office and saw pictures with bible versus on them and the office was even called Grace Medical Group. I LOVE this doctor! She is an amazing, sweet, Christian lady. However, although she does OB, my insurance will only let her be my primary care physician, so she had to refer me… again.

Doctor #6 – She is SO fake! Here is how one of first conversations went…

Doctor – So tell me how the pregnancy is going
Me – Well it’s been a little rough…
Doctor – Good! Everything will be great
Me – umm….
Doctor – Do you have any concerns?
Me – Actually, can you tell me about…
Doctor – Good! Everything sounds fine, do you want to see the baby today?
Me – ok
Doctor – The baby is so cute ::THEN she turns on the ultrasound machine::
Me – ok
Doctor – you have adorable children (note she has not seen a single picture of my kids)
Me – ok
Doctor – See you in a month!

I hate her, but I’ve had worse so I’m just dealing with it. It’s my last kid so I don’t have too many questions and after Jordan’s delivery I don’t really care WHO catches the baby as long as somebody is actually there.

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  1. Choosing Doctors are so hard! Especially when one is picked for you or you just randomly pick a name from a list. That is how we chose our Pediatrician and were really lucky that we love him! Sometimes you are just lucky, other times...not so much!