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Monday, March 15, 2010

What's for Dinner

I have the hardest time when it comes to dinner. This pregnancy has made me dislike anything made by my hand… well anything cooked. I can make myself a sandwich or a frozen burrito and be just fine.

So every night I come home and think what will I make for dinner? I take the whole time on the drive home thinking about what “sounds good”. Once I have it figured it I get home and start the meal.

As I start I think, “Wow! I’m hungry and this looks so good!”

About half way through I think, “Maybe I’ll just eat a little, and make a sandwich later”

When I’m done I plate up 2 kids plates and Justin’s and sit at the table with them. Justin asks why I’m not eating and usually by this time my answer is, “I’m just not hungry” or “I just don’t feel like eating that”. Both statements true on different occasions.

However, then I smell or see something my mom or sister are making and get hungry all over again! I can eat a LOT of whatever they made… I just can’t eat what I make! What’s wrong with me?

This got me thinking of all the random things that this last pregnancy has put me through that I’ll never have to deal with again. So in order to not forget them I figured I’d list them : )

-I can’t stand my face being touched at all. This includes late night kisses. I can handle the small quick pecks, but anything more just freaks me out.
-The smell of a dirty diaper makes me gag. I can’t do it at all! Poor Justin.
-Gagging while brushing my teeth, won’t miss that at all
-Every time I get out of the shower I gag… I have NO idea why!
-I really want sugary things, but then I get them I take a bite and wish I hadn’t eaten it at all. Pretty much all sweet sugary candy or baked goods does not appeal to me once in my mouth
-Garlic anything is always good…mmmmm, but probably not garlic ice-cream
-I get cravings for Crunch Rolls a lot, maybe its just the wasabi that makes me drool though
-I stutter, weird!
-I forget things I said or did or heard like 2 minutes ago.

I think that’s everything. Or at least I think that’s all.

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