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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Events of the Night

It all started with a phone call to Sam on Monday around 3 (per the request of Luann). He mentioned that my husband was helping him paint the youth room at 2 on Tuesday. Justin had mentioned something to me a few days prior, but nothing was confirmed… so I called Justin to find out what was going to happen.

Tuesday my grandmother took Taylor in the morning and my mom watched Jordan when Justin left for Sam’s around 2 PM.

I picked up Taylor at 4:15 and was home for Taylor around 4:30.

I called Justin around 6:00 to find his phone was dead, so I called Sam’s phone. Justin just wanted to make sure the girls were being good and just check to see if I needed him home. I told him he could stay as long as he needed (he doesn’t get to get out of the house very often).

I put Jordan to bed at 8:00 she was out of bed at 8:10, 8:30, 8:40, and then asleep by 9:00. I nearly was too. I put on the Sword and the Stone for Taylor and we started to watch it. At some point the movie finished and she pressed play again because I woke up at 10:44 and it was back to the first 15 minutes or so of the movie.

I turned it off and told Taylor she could sleep in my bed with me. She was very excited and said “I have to go potty first so I don’t pee in your bed!” I love that kid!

Jordan got out of bed around 2:15 AM. Justin was not home, but from past experiences he had probably just left Sam’s or was almost home. I put Jordan back in bed and fell back asleep.

5:02 AM Jordan is back at the side of my bed. I’m exhausted from waking up a few times, having an early day at work the day before AND Braxton Hicks. I put her back in bed and then realize what time it is. I have never woken up so fast in my life!

In my bed is Taylor and Me… no Justin. I call Sam’s phone 7 times between that time and around 5:30. I woke up both of my parents trying to figure out what to do. I wrote to Roxy (Sam’s Mom) on facebook to see if he had fallen asleep on their couch or something, but she didn’t answer. The stress/crying/freaking out was making me feel really nauseous so I jumped in the shower at 5:30 to try and relax myself. Shortly before leaving the shower I heard the bathroom door open! He was HOME!!! I’ve never been so angry and happy at the same time ever!

His version… He was painting with Sam until 3:30 AM. He went to his Dad’s to drop some stuff off and grabbed a soda to take with him. Since his Dad left the TV he was going to turn it off, but it was Princess Bride so he figured he’d sit for a “few minutes” while he drank his soda. When the movie ENDED he realized what time it was and headed home. Not once did he call because he thought waking me up was worse then giving me a heart attack. ::sigh::

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