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Monday, October 18, 2010

Lack of Appreciation

I am not one that needs a pat on the back, but sometimes just getting the acknowledgement is good.

Two weekends ago was a 3 day weekend. Great for my personal life; not so great for work on Tuesday.

There was a small oversight by leadership at work that meant nobody was monitoring our messaging system. I caught that in the early morning and offered to help.

When a standard day has around 20 messages, 30 on a weekend you expect to have a few piled up, but there were 84. 84 messages. And who do you thing managed to get them all taken care of AND answer the phone during the day?

On Monday’s we have a meeting where you get “pats” for doing good things (you save them up to trade for like movie tickets and stuff). Not only did I not get a “pat” for working my butt off that day (which I could really care less about because I can’t go to the movie with 3 kids anyway) I didn’t get a thank you or acknowledgement at all. ::sigh:: the most I got was the day of when I said I finished I got a “wow”. That means they realized how practically impossible that was to do, but that’s it.

99% of the time I LOVE my job…some days I wonder if my effort is worth it.

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