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Friday, October 1, 2010

Truthfully A Horrible Blogger

I’ve spent the last week catching up on reading the fabulous blogs of my fellow blogging mommies and realize how horrible I’ve been keeping up.

I haven’t posted anything since I left on maternity leave! Since most of you reading this also have facebook you know that I had my beautiful baby boy Elijah Corbin Davis on June 5th (Grandma Barbara’s Birthday!)

He looks just like Justin, it’s amazing and the girls have instantly grown to loving him… and hitting him and sitting on him and trying to pick him up by his head of course.

Taylor is helpful most of the time. She helps feed him on occasion and love to talk and smile at him. She gets very upset when he cries despite her efforts to comfort him which typically results in a crying baby and over expressive crying of a 3 year old.

Jordan is obnoxiously helpful. She will always bring him his blanket, bottle, pacifier etc… even when he doesn’t want it. He’s content and sleeping/cooing when she notices his pacifier in the other room and runs it to him like his life is dependent on the blue rubber contraption. She shoves it in his mouth because that’s where it belongs. This typically results in a screaming baby and Jordan running to us saying “oh no, oh no, baby crying” But its still cute.

The best part is the feeling of looking at my family and knowing (Lord willing) this is it. This is and always will be my complete family. Life can only get better from here as I watch them grow and mature. I’m so excited to see what God has in store for them and for us as we teach them the rights and wrongs, the good and bad, the truth and the light! I love it!

I will be trying to blog so much more. I really will. My goal is to write a blog during my breaks at work. This doesn’t mean I’ll pop one out a day, but however many breaks it takes to get it done 

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