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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Roomate-aversary!

My best friend ever (Melisa Palomo) is an amazing photographer! She recently came to Jordan’s 2nd birthday party and graciously took photos of my whole family (immediate and extended). She is incredible and I can’t refer her enough to everyone I know.

I have a set of the pictures she took on my desktop and the photos here too (see above). Her real passion is pets and she does such a great job! I’ll make sure to include a link to her website at the end. Anyway, aside from her amazing photography she has the biggest heart.

I adore her and her husband Chris. They have gone out of their way for us several times and never once complain about it. They love to love and she is such a blessing to me. I sat here thinking today how it has been way too long since we have “hung out” its hard because she doesn’t live that close and 3 kids are a pain to tote around. Despite that I would trust her with ANYthing in my life. She tells me when I’m dumb and loves me when I just need a hug.

I just felt the need today to say I LOVE YOU MEL! I don’t know if its true or not, but I deem today, October 21st our 7 year best-friend-aversary or roooomate-aversary…I’m going to go with Roomate-aversary.

Happy 7th Roomate-aversary! I dub this day in 2003 the day we both decided we were true roommates!

For some reason my link is not working so her website is

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