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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A No Raisin Day

About a week ago I started off my morning with a bowl of Raisin Bran. I poured my bowl and noticed as the crispy bran flakes came tumbling out not a single raisin came with them. At first I thought I had a defect box, but when I looked inside a plethora of raisins sat taunting me. It was a sign… it was going to be a bad day… and it was.

Although, there was no raisin pouring incident this morning it is definitely a no raisin day.

-I forgot to lock my desk last night which means I violated a policy (never a good thing)
-My account was overdrawn which means I get to pay a $20 NSF fee I can’t afford
-Since my account was overdrawn I now have a pending item on my account which means “leadership” will see my account was overdrawn which makes it even more embarrassing
-I had a phone call from somebody that didn’t make any sense and I think it should have so it feels like I dropped the ball somewhere along the line
-I got a letter in the mail from another person “thanking” me for doing something I cannot do, but now they expect me to do it
-I have a tummy ache
-And its only 8:00 AM

Today is a no Raisin Day


  1. Oh dear friend! You need to read that book about the guy who had the very bad, terrible, no good day. (Or however it goes). Luv ya friend!