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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Moment to Make Me Remember

I had the pleasure yesterday of watching a friend’s baby while they enjoyed some time out with their older daughter. 

She is one of those super cute babies that has an irresistible smile permanently on her face.  It wasn’t that long ago Elijah was that age.  I mean about a year ago, but when a year is half of your life then it makes a huge difference.

There was something so precious about holding this little girl and giving her the bottle right before bed.  Her beautiful blue eyes checking me out “who are you?” and her ting fingers grasping at my hair or patting anything she could reach.

It made me miss when my babies were babies.  I love that they are growing up and easier to handle now, but it’s the moments like last night that I miss and it was nice to remember that.

That is all.  Just a time of reflection and thank you to Bess and Brandon for letting me spend some time with your stinking adorable baby girl.

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