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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vacation Season

So “Vacation” season is coming and my brain wanders off several times a day into the vacation zone.  This year for us was going to be crazy, awesome, busy.

The plan was:

First: June 15-22 camping with my family in NorCal
Second: June 22-25 visit my Uncle in NorCal
Third: June 26-27 Go to work
Fourth: June 28 – July 1 visit Justin’s family in WI
Fifth: July 1-July 3 visit my Aunt in IL
Sixth: July 4 back to WI for fireworks
Seventh: July 5 go home

It was going to be an insane 3 weeks, but it would have been such a blessing to spend so much time with family – some that we haven’t seen in 2 years or more!

However, life happens.

My dad got a new job and couldn’t get the extra time off to visit Uncle Kenny in NorCal

I got horribly sick…so sick I actual took time off work (that really never happens) and used up some of the PTO I had saved up to go which means I didn’t have enough.

Airfare went up insanely high so no plane trip for the Davis (we have to pay for all 5 of us now!)

So plans have changed.

Vacation #1
May 26 Vacation starts – Santa Ana Zoo maybe?
May 27 – Church and Elijah’s 2nd  Birthday Party (You are all invited)
May 28 – It’s a holiday – I’m really hoping actually somebody is doing something on Memorial Day that we could join in on
May 29 – spend the day at Disneyland with Tracy
May 30 – spend the day at Disneyland with my Mom

Vacation #2
June 14 Vacation starts – Go to my parent’s house for a sleepover to prep for an early morning
June 15 – Drive to Norcal and set up camp
June 16-20 Camp/Fish/Family Time
June 21 – Drive home
June 22 – Unpack and clean up and Justin goes to Five Iron Frenzy concert
Jun 23 – Day of rest and maybe the pool
June 24 – Church and Disneyland

So if you want to join us for any of that please do! The more the merrier!

Happy Vacation Season!

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