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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Some Good That Comes From Student Loans

What did I do the last few days you ask?  Well I had some fun and some work and an all around good time!

To start this story off I have to tell you about a moment with Taylor we had early last week.  She was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and they were drinking from coconuts.  She turned to me and asked if she could drink out of a coconut and since I had no idea where to buy coconuts I did the only smart think and called my daddy.

This is where the real story begins.  My dad took on the task of buying a coconut for his grandbabies.  So Friday night my dad came by with dinner and a coconut.  We warned the kids that they may not like the way it taste and with each of their 1 and only sips of coconut milk they were all on the not like side of things.

Taylor began to cry…

Jordan pretended she liked it but refused any more…

Elijah got angry and stated “No like it!” giving me a dirty look the entire time.

The kids loved having Papa at the house and enjoyed pillow fights and story time before he headed home.

On Saturday the girls had gymnastics and then I had 2 secret shops (earning money to pay for next seasons classes).  The rest of the day we just relaxed and watch Thor while eating dinner.  Good movie by the way.

Sunday we had a break for worship team so we got to sleep in before Sunday School.  We ditched out on the service after that and headed to Disneyland to tire the kids out.  I was punished for ditching with a massive sunburn, but we were at least successful and getting most of the energy out of the kids so the knocked out in the car on our drive to Riverside.

We went to Riverside to celebrate Caleb’s 2nd birthday – Caleb turning 2 means Elijah and Nate are not far either – SCARY!

We had a great time, but in true Riverside fashion it was hot we called it a little earlier to head to the Webster’s for water time and dinner.  The kids had fun and the adults got to talk and laugh.  We headed out just before bed time to avoid the bed time drama and I wanted to try to get to bed early as well.

I got up early on Monday so I could get out of work early, but with a meeting scheduled late that did not happen.  I was bummed to miss out on the extra time with the Contreras family.  We got there a little late and had an awesome dinner (Thank you Brandon and Bess!) and the kids had fun together.  The guys (Brandon, Justin, and Sam) headed to the pool with the kids as Bess and I got to chat and what a blessing that was!  Not only for the quietness of not having 5 kids in a hotel room, but to just talk and share stories of God’s amazing provision.  It was a great night and I left thanking God for getting to go to such an amazing Christian University so I could meet amazing people like Brandon, Bess, Sam, Tawni, Rob, Scott, Rachel, and even my hubby.

We’re still “paying” for our choice in school, but such abundant blessings have been seen in my life thanks to the people from CBU (California Baptist University).

Next weekend is my mini vacation so hopefully there will be more to share soon.

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