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Sunday, May 13, 2012

To My Mommy

Since my mom is finally signed up to start reading this blog I figure what better way to tell her how much I love her by telling EVERYone how much I love her.


You've told me stories about how "hard" life was when I was young.  How little we had and all the places we stayed just to make sure our basic needs were met.  Sometimes I think about the stories and realize all they are to me are stories.

I don't remember not having the "new toy".  I do remember sitting with you and coloring in our coloring books forever.

I don't remember not being able to go to cool places.  I do remember you filling up buckets of water and letting us "wash" our dishes on a warm summer day.

I don't remember eating mac n cheese or any other cheap meal on a regular basis.  I do remember you making me my favorite "special" meals.

I don't remember (well...I barely remember) us fighting over something stupid.  I do remember you always coming to me with a kind heart and loving me even when I was awful.

I don't remember not having "new cool clothes".  I do remember playing dress up.

I don't remember growing up.  I do remember missing you.

I don't remember my life ever being "hard".  I do remember feeling loved.

I don't remember thanking you.  I do remember thanking God for what an amazing mom he blessed me with.

I love you mommy.  Thank you for leading a Godly example in my life and I pray I can help build the same kind of memories you did with me for my kids. I hope you have an amazing Mother's day.

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