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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

And Then There Was Saturday...

As I posted yesterday about Friday I realized I was missing the details from last weekend to. So today you get two Saturday’s worth of information.  Try to contain your excitement.

2 Saturday’s ago Taylor had her usual trip to ballet/tap and then we headed to the zoo to meet the Fox’s.  We spent a couple of hours at the zoo and headed home.  That’s it really, but we have cute pictures so that’s why I’m telling you about it.

Last Saturday we started off our morning with Jordan’s 4 year old pictures (those will come in a later post) to get ready for her 4th birthday in 2 weeks!! Holy cow!  After pictures we finished cleaning our house to get ready for a game night.  This game night was centered around my ECCU friends (with the exception of Travis, but he knew everyone going so it was sort of like he was part of the group).  We had the Fox’s (and baby Quinn), Sam, Travis, and the Blake’s (With Caedmon and baby Charli). 

It was a nice change of crowd and we got the chance to hang out with the Blake’s for the first time in nearly 2 years!  Caedmon and Elijah are literally 2 days apart.  Ali and I were due the same day.  The boys are vastly different in most ways, but there are also small similarities that made me smile.

The kids did a good job keeping each other distracted while the grown ups got to play some games.  I have to admit it was nice having Kurt around since our usual group tends to be fairly indecisive when it comes to picking a game and Kurt kept us moving.  Good job sir.

I also thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with Ali and Tracy.  I don’t get to see either of them nearly enough and they are pretty awesome females.

I think Jordan may sort of fallen in love with Ali.  And the next 2 days after the game night Elijah kept talking about his friend Caedmon.  That makes my heart happy.

So that was Saturday.  We still have even more to come including a HUGE family gathering, Columbus Day, and Disneyland trip with the Webster’s (more of my favorite people ever).

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