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Monday, October 1, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #38

Tonight we had a surprise birthday party/dinner for Beach Grandma.  I will be posting pictures and letting the kids narrate for each one.  Enjoy:
Taylor: I'm cooking
Jordan: Its' Taylor cooking brownies for daddy.  For all of us.
What Actually Happened: Making Grandma's birthday cake.

Taylor: She is cooking.
Jordan: It's me Jordan making brownies with Taylor.
What Actually Happened: Making Grandma's birthday cake.

Taylor: We're about to eat it
Jordan: Cake.  It's Grandma's cake so we can blow out the candles ::blows:: like that.
What Actually Happened: They decorated her cake and put on globs and piles of sprinkles

Taylor: We're saying surprise for Grandma.
Jordan: Grandma's birthday.
What Actually Happened: The kids decorated letters to put up for decorations.

Taylor: You're about to cook.
Jordan: Beach Grandma's birthday was fun.  Grandma's birthday was...
What Actually Happened: Getting ready to make dinner

Taylor: You're about to mix it.
Jordan: It's me making dinner.  It's grandma's birthday today.
What Actually Happened: Me (only me) making chicken lettuce wraps for dinner)

Taylor: It's us about to eat cake, but we're first smiling on the picture.
Jordan: Its me saying CHEEEESE.
What Actually Happened: Picture after dinner (and right before cake).

Taylor: He's eating a cake. C C C C cake
Jordan: Buddy eating.
What Actually Happened: Elijah just shoved an entire piece of cake in his mouth.

Taylor: Jordan's almost done, but she's gonna eat it.
Jordan: It's me eating the cake and buddy eating the cake.
What Actually Happened: Jordan diving in for a second piece of cake.

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