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Monday, October 15, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #39

What do you want for your birthday?

Jordan: I want a person that has a kitty that is alive.  And make her pink and make her name curl like my other doggy's name (FYI she means one of those big beanie bag cats and not a real one - she doesn't like real cats very much).  And make her a circle present and have her little.  I want 2 kitties.  So I can put them in my 2 hands and then somebody can hold my pennies while I hold my kitties at Disneyland.  She'll love Disneyland.  She'll love the Disneyland rides.

Taylor: Um, Let me think.  A beautiful pony and I want flowers and some paint so I can paint.  I want Grandpa to get my paint for my birthday so he can paint my walls.  I want a pretty dress and what about an angel.  And I want an Angel and its a costume and its so beautiful   And I also want a princess for my birthday.  That's all.

How old do you want to be?

Jordan: Ok Ok Ok.  I want to be 5 because my kitty will love me.

Taylor: 100 because its the biggest number.

What should your Birthday Party be like?

Jordan: I will like a pink one.  A pink birthday cake.  And  present.  And a cupcake.  And 2 presents.  And then my toys I can play with them.

Taylor: Cinderella.

What would you put in a huge box?

Jordan: Ok Ok.  A game.  A kitty game so we can play with my kitty.  And I want a kitty in that giant box.

Taylor: Some painting buckets so I can paint myself

What would you put in a tiny box?

Jordan: Ok Ok Ok.  A tiny little doggy game with my kitty.  And I want my kitty to play with the little tiny game and there's a thing it called a geanie that's giant! And its a little real, but it wasn't.

Taylor: A little fairy.

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