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Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Large (Not Fat) Family

So what’s next you ask?  FAMILY.

I have a wonderful, big, mostly crazy family.  I love then and all their oddness.  It makes it easy to blame my crazy on them. Thanks guys.

I once made this stuffed shell manicotti recipe I got from Tawni.  Its delicious.  I let my dad try some and he loved it so I decided I would make for his birthday.  Which is October 2nd, which is also my mom-in-laws Bday.

So since I had my great uncle Kenny visiting from his cabin in the woods in Nor Cal (stories and memories about that guy another day) we decided that I’d head to my parents house on the 7th and cook for my parents, sister, Grandma, and Uncle Kenny.

That was the plan.

Things Changed.

In the end here is who was there (in no particular order):

+Justin, Me, Taylor, Jordan, and Elijah
+My Mom, My Dad, My Sister, My Niece Kaydance
+My Grandma, My Uncle Kenny and his dog
+My Aunt Dara, My Uncle Dan
+My Cousin Doug and his Girlfriend, My cousin Devin
+My Cousin Derek and his Wife Michelle and 2 of their 3 kids
+My Cousin Lori and a friend, My cousin Kirsten (no idea how to spell her name actually) and her son Maddex
+My Uncle Kenny’s Son Alan and his wife
+Some other relative I didn’t know and somebody else probably related I didn’t know
+My Cousin Darlene and Her husband Sean and their 2 kids

So yeah, a lot of people.

It was nice to see family that I hadn’t seen in what seems life forever and just enjoy each other and all our oddness.  No seriously my family is super weird.  And I love them all for that.

And here are a few more pictures I managed to get (or Justin managed to get that is).  Enjoy.

Oh and for the record...Taylor may have started developing a crush on her cousin (2nd cousin?) Maddex to which I kept replying "HE'S YOUR COUSIN!!!!"

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