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Monday, October 29, 2012

Disneyland With Family

Now that I think I’ve caught up on things I can move on to now.  To tell you about now I must start with a story…I think I do that (this) a lot.  I hope you like my stories.

My Aunt Neen (FYI I’m pretty sure she hated that when I first started calling her that probably when I was learning to talk, but I’m hoping its grown on her since 27 years later I still call her Aunt Neen) was the “cool” aunt when I was growing up.

She’s the one that would spoil me and do the girl the things with me that a good Aunt should do.  She’d let me break the rules enough that it was exciting (not rules that would kill me or cause me real harm) like swimming in a 60 degree pool in the middle of winter and get me out when my lips were blue or let me eat an entire jar of pickles.

She introduced me to artichokes and she would steam them and we would sit, just the two of us, and devour the entire thing.

She moved to IL several years ago so when she comes to visit it’s a real treat.  She’s been in CA for awhile now and due to the craziness that is life we got to see her for the first time just yesterday!  So I took the day off work and took Taylor out of school to spend a day with them at Disneyland.

Taylor woke up with a fever in the morning, but like a real mom (or bad mom maybe) I gave her some Tylenol and pretty much told her to suck it up.  Aunt Neen and her kids (Dakota 13, Delaney 7, and Lacie 4), my Mom and Dad, and the Davis Clan headed out around 8:00 for what we were assuming would be an exhausting day.

We hit some of the rides and learned early on that Taylor wasn’t the only one that was scared of most of the rides so she was in good company.  Taylor got some quality time with Delaney while Jordan joined the “big kids” (Justin, My Dad, Dakota, and Aunt Neen) on the big rides aka roller coasters.

We also took the girls to meet the fairies, princesses, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and a few others.  Overall they had fun (I think).  The weather was also great unlike last weeks trip.

Taylor at one point starting feeling icky so I gave her half a Tylenol pill and told her to chew it or swallow…she chose the chew option and was not a fan (I warned her!)  Shortly after she fell asleep for about an hour and pretty much just laid in the stroller the rest of the day.  Don’t judge me and my parenting choices! 

We headed home around 4 which was longer then we thought we’d last.  My Aunt and the girls stayed the night with us so we had dinner and the girls continued to play very well together.  At 8 we all pretty much crashed (except Justin because he’s broken).

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