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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Enjoy Some Bragging

It’s a fact that a good mom brags about her kids right?  I’m sure “good” can be replaced with many words, but since I’m about to brag about Taylor I’m going to say “good” is the perfect word and not “annoying” or “rude”.

If you don’t know what AWANA is then the short description is that its sort of like a “Christian” Girl/Boy Scouts.

Kids of all ages go into a group (3-4 year olds together K-2nd together and so on)…just like the Scouts.

In these groups they compete in games and earn “badges”…just like the Scouts.

What makes them different is the way they earn those badges. Kids memorize verses from the bible instead of building a fire or whatever the Scouts do (it’s been awhile since I was a Brownie).

There are 30 weeks of club and in those 30 weeks the kids are expected to complete roughly 40 sections in a book.  Each few sections they earn a “badge”.

Taylor has been speeding through these sections and last week after about 2 months worth of club she finished her whole book!

I was proud of her.  She then has the option of doing a “review” and doing the book again.

I figured she would have an easy time the 2nd time through, but still need to practice them verses several times to help refresh her memory…

Then in the car on the way to school this morning (when we practice) I told her we were going to spend some time reviewing verses and reminded her it is ok if she doesn’t remember them – that’s why we practice (she’s very oversensitive with that kind of thing) and she blew my mind!

I would say just the location (like Genesis 1:31) and she just spouted off the verse without any help.  She just blew through 12 verses in the 15 minute drive and I told her that we weren’t going to do anymore so she has more to do for the rest of the year in AWANA.

I’m proud of my baby girl.  She is learning God’s word and she loves doing it.

FYI for those non-Christians that read my blog please note I am not shoving this down her throat and telling her she MUST believe it. I explain to her our point of view and why we believe it to be truth.  We discuss why other people think differently and that not everyone believes what we do. And regardless of what somebody believes we LOVE them like and RESPECT them…a lesson many adults should take to heart.

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