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Friday, November 16, 2012

Random Thoughts About Taylor's School

This is a Taylor dedicated blog.  More specifically a Taylor’s school blog.

Late Birds

So Taylor’s school breaks up their Kindergarten class into “Early Birds” and “Late Birds”.

Taylor a few days ago said to me, “Mommy, I think you should wake up earlier so we aren’t late all the time.  I’m tired of being a Late Bird”.

In her mind she just figured she was a Later Bird because she was always late to school and not because that was the class she was assigned to.


Pretty much the first day of school Taylor decided her best friend would be a girl named Isabella.  Why? For the logical reason that she looked a lot like her old best friend Ally.  Isabella and her seem to get along great, but Isabella has made the wise choice to also play with other kids - “the twins” to be exact.  Taylor has been distraught and has been asking me for nearly a month to meet Isabella’s parents so she can go play at her house (since I told her she cannot go there unless we are invited by Isabella’s mommy and daddy).

Of course Taylor assumes this is much easier then it is since it’s not like we see her parents ever (she is an early bird so she’s dropped off and picked up before Taylor). 

Thanksgiving Feast

The Kindergarteners at Taylor’s school had a “Thanksgiving Feast” yesterday.  All the Kindergarteners dressed up like Indians and Pilgrims.  I had the opportunity to take the day off work and volunteer to help set up for the event and hang out will the 60 Pilgrims and Indians that surrounded a very full table for a very large “Feast”.  They were adorable and I loved being able to help and be part of Taylor’s school life.  For a working Mom I try to take the opportunities whenever they arise to take part in her events to make sure she knows I’m interested even if I can’t be there on a regular basis.


There were a lot of parent volunteers for the Feast so we finished setting up early.  We then spent a couple of hours cutting out projects for the Kindergarten teachers for future art projects in class.  I got to meet a wonderful woman named Maria.  She has a daughter in Kindergarten (like Taylor), a 3 year old daughter (close to Jordan’s age), and a 1 year old son (semi-close to Elijah’s age).  Her husband was laid off right before they had their 2nd child (Just like Justin was) and he was a stay at home dad until just recently.  She was fun to talk to and we related on a lot of things.

Most of the mom’s there were primarily Spanish speakers so I sort of understood about half of what was going on.  Maria took the time to translate some things that she could tell I just didn’t get.

After about an hour of chatting she asked me what my daughter’s name was.  When I told her she said “I keep telling my daughter to play with Taylor! Taylor was her favorite friend and then she started hanging out with the twins, but I liked Taylor better.” I laughed and asked if her daughter was Isabella (see above) and she said yes! We laughed about how both girls had been trying to tell us to meet each other so we they could play together only to find that we had finally met and not even noticed right away.  And don’t worry.  We exchanged numbers so we can have play dates.

Tri Tip Man’s Kickin’ Cowboy Rub

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