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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Musical Thursdays

I almost started this blog out with “so” and thought to myself…I think I start EVERY blog out with “so”.

I need a new word. 

And I just almost typed it again ::sigh::

Every Thursday night is “music” night at our house.  I figured that was good night for it since Justin and/or I are usually at worship practice the parent at home could be playing music with the kids too.

This is one of the nights I tend to skip to be honest.  It is loads of fun, but also very loud.  I mean we put on a DVD of kids songs and the kids sing, dance, and play their box of instruments as loud as they can.

A couple of weeks ago Justin headed off to worship practice and I stayed home with the kids.  We were also blessed to have the Music pastor’s daughter join us (I believe she’s 7 months old).  Sophie became the center of attention so most of the musical instruments were piled high on her lap as the kids sang to her.  It was nice evening and it comes with pictures which is mostly why I’m sharing it with you.

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