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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Think I Lost My Baby

It’s that time of year.  For us (well for Taylor really), Jordan’s Birthday is the kick off for the Holiday Season.  When October 27th comes around we begin our Holiday festivities with Jordan’s Birthday.

This year she really wanted a Tinkerbell bounce house, so we had a few friends over and let her enjoy her birthday gift from us. 

With a high of 91 degrees the kids bounced their hearts out with bright red cheeks…the adults that dared get in didn’t last long (I was one of those).  It’s rather exhausting.

Jordan had a great time and was showered in gifts (she is spoiled) – her favorite this year being anything she could wear.  Seriously.

Here are some pictures of the party:

Now for the most important part.  Celebrating my baby girl.

Height: 3’4” (55th Percentile)
Weight: 33lb 8oz (32nd Percentile)

A message to my baby girl:


You are my smile.  You are sneaky and mischievous, but you love to love and care for others.  You are my helper and you even smile while you do it!  You have a way of letting your smile slowly grow on your face that melts my heart.  The joy you find in everything inspires me to remember the little things and enjoy life through your experiences as much as you do.  You are brave and will try almost anything at least once – which makes you my roller coaster girl and I LOVE that.

You drive me crazy with your defiance and strong will, but I remind myself how much you need it to hold your own in our full house.  You are happy when others are happy.  You are sad when others are sad.  You have started trying more and more to be more like your big sister.  We tell you often you don’t have to be like Taylor, because we like all the things that make you so unique.

We love you baby girl.

And here is the best part.  Here is how she’s morphed this year (starting oldest to newest - also noticing there isn't a big change like previous years):

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