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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Healthy Food is Bad For You

I’m going to admit I am mostly sure that I have said this before, but despite that I’m going to say it again.

Because I’m on my lunch break and feel the need to share with you my dilemmas.

And FYI this is not a blog for everyone.  I will be filling you in on bodily details that some may find disgusting.  So if that bothers you stop now.

You’ve been warned.

I LOVE veggies.  Not because they are healthy, but simply because they are delicious.  Delicious and expensive so it’s not very often we eat fresh veggies other then salads around our house.

But last week I stopped by the store and there was a HUGE veggie tray and sweet peppers on sale for super cheap! So for about $5 I got a TON of fresh veggies that would last me over a week for snacks at work.

PRO: I guess its good for me, but the real highlight IT TASTE DELICOUS

CON: Apparently that much fiber has a way of cleaning you out

I’m tired of being cleaned out.  I finished the last of my veggies today and will miss the nice crisp flavors, but am looking forward to pooping like a normal person in the near future.

I’m also beginning to think veggies are not worth the trips to the bathroom.  Or maybe I should just eat them in more moderation and not every day for a week and half.

Seriously, the last 2 days have felt like that bathroom scene in Dumb and Dumber.

And that friends is my nasty piece of information for today.  Enjoy.

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