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Monday, February 25, 2013

Week of Hair Cuts

If you’ve ever been in a 5 block radius of our home while we are brushing Taylor’s hair you have heard the screams.

It could be she has the most sensitive head in the world so that just getting a brush near her head causes her great pain.  But we all know it is mostly her Drama Queen coming out.

If I brushed her hair before bed (takes about 30 minutes) she would wake up with horrible tangles and bed head and it would take another 30 minutes to brush her hair while she’s screaming and whining the entire time.

I was over it.  Justin was over it.  So on Monday last week after her shower I grabbed a pair of scissors and decided it was time.  She was not a fan.  She was actually very angry as I lopped of half the length of her hair.  Every time she saw hair hit the floor she’d yell “You’re giving me BOY HAIR!”

I had never cut hair before (well girl hair and it doesn’t count when I cut my own hair at like age 7).  I was pretty impressed with myself.  I figured if I totally screwed up then I could always take her to get it fixed later.

So here is a picture several days after the cut.  Because seriously…it took me that long to get her to actually smile about her hair.  Even now when I compliment her hair she says “Thank you, but I don’t like it”

Then yesterday while at Rob and Tawni’s it was Jordan’s turn.  Jordan had been asking for a hair cut since I did Taylor’s.  I’m pretty sure she only wanted it cut to be just like her sister since about a week earlier she informed me that she wanted Rapunzel hair (which is a direct quote from Taylor)..

I’d been telling her “maybe later” because I personally prefer long hair on my kids and her hair, unlike Taylor’s, is easy to brush.  But after nearly a week of her asking I figured she wasn’t going to give up so Tawni grabbed her scissors and gave her one of the cutest hair cuts ever!  Despite begging me to get a hair cut she was not a fan of actually sitting there to get it, but she still sat patiently and even let Tawni blow dry it.

The only problem left is to figure out when I should cut mine...

Oh and here is a pre-hair cut picture just because this is one of my favorite pictures right now.

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