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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

No More Doctors Please

I wrote a blog who knows how long ago about how when things are just “going well” I begin to get nervous.  I referred to it as the “calm before the storm”.  The quiet moments in life where things appear to be going great just mean a huge flood is coming.

I’m pretty sure most of us spend our lives living in floods.  This is how we learn and grow and develop.

I’m used to living in a flood.  But some floods I really don’t like.  And here’s the story as I lived it.

On Thursday morning Justin called me to let me know that Taylor was complaining her eyes were “sticky”.  Since Jordan already had pink eye, and Elijah the night before starting showing signs that meant 3 kids with pink eye.  Joy.

I decided to take the day off work to go home and massive disinfect the entire house.  I cleaned and lysoled (I made it a word just now) both the kids rooms, the bathrooms, and living room.  I completed 4 loads of laundry to add to the 5 already sitting on my bedroom floor and had 3 to go.   I began to sit and fold the mountain o laundry and my body just began to ache.  A very intense ache.  Very sudden, very intense ache.  I wasn’t feeling nauseous so it couldn’t be the flu.  I sat down and ate pizza with the family and let Justin know that the achiness was getting worse and decided I tried a hot shower and Tylenol before he had to leave for worship practice.

It didn’t help.  Justin left and by 8 the kids were in bed with a little begging from me that Mommy wasn’t feeling good so to please be good so I could sleep.

I think they listened or I was so out of it I didn’t hear them get up.

I heard Justin come home and at some point asked him for water and bowl because I was not beginning to feel nauseous.  After a night full of showers, puking, sever body aches, back pain that got REALLY bad whenever I moved, breathed, or coughed, and a fever with violent chills I decided in the morning I should go see the doctor.

The doctor, as I had also suspected, said I had the flu and was nearly about to send me off with some pain killers until I coughed and he saw me wince.  He asked what was causing that kind of pain and I told him my back hurt more when I moved or coughed or breathed.  He pushed on it, which caused much more severe wincing, and decided to order a couple of labs.

An hour or so later after falling asleep in the waiting room at some point he came back to tell me his original diagnosis was wrong and that I had a kidney infection.  Which is pretty much the flu with magnified symptoms and back pain.

I left with a high dose of pain killers, antibiotics, and anti nausea and headed home for a couple more miserable days of no eating, long showers, pain, and waking up constantly in a puddle of my own sweat…like seriously one of the side effects of my medication must have been “lose half your body weight in sweat”.

On Sunday night I called my mommy a mess.  I was miserable and despite Justin taking care of me he’s not much of the encouraging type unless I ask for it.  I was in no mood to ask for comfort.  At this point I was starving and unable to eat and weak and aching because I hadn’t eaten anything in 3 days.  My mom, despite her fear of traveling on freeways, volunteered to come over on Monday so Justin could take me to the doctor again and she’d watch the kids and clean the house.  My poor neglected house.

My mom faced her fears (I’m proud of her) to come take care of her 27 year old whiney baby 30 miles always.  She brought a bag of all my favorite things to eat and began her mothering.  Justin and I headed to the doctor where I was desperate for anything that would just let me eat.  They gave me a higher dose of anti nausea medication and some nose spray and cough syrup to help with the “allergies” that are allegedly the cause of my month long cough.

When I got home I took the meds and was FINALLY ABLE TO EAT! My house was clean, my belly had about a cup of soup in it, and my mommy kept me company.  I headed to bed for a LONG nap and woke up feeling better.  Not healthy, but I went from feeling like 20% myself to like 40% myself.

I even tried to work on Tuesday, but was forced to go home by my boss in fears I’d pass out at my desk so I had one more day home to recoup and rest.

I am no at like 70%.  Still a little achy and weak, but mostly up to par.  I sit on my lunch break and sip a cup of home made Turkey soup from mommy and am looking forward to at least this flood being over.

In much happier news, despite the nearly $200 in medical bills this month so far has brought me we should have an exciting DEBT FREEEEEEE announcement coming very soon to a non theater near you.

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