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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Non ER Visit

I had every intention of doing “So Sayith Tay and Jay” last night.  I had questions ready and everything.  And here’s how it played out instead.

To tell you about last night I need to go back a couple of days first.

Saturday night we noticed Jordan had a fever.  I gave her some Tylenol to which she said “OH Thanks mommy! You got pink medicine just for me!” I got her in bed and started the humidifier.  About 10 minutes later she was coughing like crazy…like a lot of coughing.  And she puked.

My guess looking back is she coughed so much/so hard she made herself sick.

The go-to solution for most any ailment in our house is a nice warm/hot shower.  So we threw her in the shower, removed the dirty things from her bed and moved on.  I also came to the realization that my kids own WAY to many stuffed animals.  I mean that’s a lot to wash when an impromptu vomiting begins.

We kept her home from church on Sunday since she still had a fever and didn’t want to get the other kids sick.  She was pretty good minus the massive coughing and fever, but still typical Jordan.

That night she got up about every 1-2 hours with a request for water, or a hug, or crying in her sleep (don’t have sympathy, it’s just something she does and has no relation to being sick).  Since my dear husband can sleep through anything despite trying to make him go deal with her it ended up being my job.

I was tired at work on Monday and had a plan.  I was going to go home.  Make Apple Pancakes.  Bathe the kids.  Do the blog.  Go to bed.  I was really looking forward to bed.

Instead I came home from work and saw Jordan sitting on the couch. I turned to Justin “Jordan has pink eye”.  Justin promptly replied “No, her eyes are just red from being sick”.

I called Jordan to me and decided the green goop forming around her eyeballs meant it was indeed pink eye.  In the attempt to keep from spreading it to the whole family I decided the sooner she sees the doctor the better so we headed to Urgent Care.  Not to be mistaken for the ER which is what a recent facebook post has led people to believe.

Jordan fell asleep after about an hour of waiting.  This kid has night terrors and deemed the Kaiser Urgent Care waiting room to be a good place to have them.

It was quite humorous as she sat up screaming and poking the air “I have to POKE IT NOW!” or when she began running in her sleep and kicking the lady in the chair next to her.

Hey chair neighbor, if you ever read this, thank you for being understanding as my sick sleeping child used your side butt as a soccer ball.

A total of 5 hours from the point of arriving we had found out that:

1. Jordan still had a fever of 102
2. Jordan had pink eye –in both eyes
3. Jordan had a sinus infection

After a quick (not quick, I’m lying) mishap in the pharmacy we stopped by Jack in the box to FINALLY eat dinner at about 10PM.  I got the “Hot Mess” burger and was very disappointed when I got home to find there were no Jalapeños on it…I mean that’s 1 of the 3 things on the burger…how do you forget jalapeños?!

Jordan got her dose(s) of medicine and was put in bed…again waking up every 1-2 hours and again Justin sleeping through it all.

So there you have a really long story as to why you did not get a So Sayith Tay and Jay last night.  And yes we are completely ignoring the fact that I haven’t done one in months.

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