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Monday, March 10, 2014

Because My God is a God of Miracles

I just got unsettling news from my Doctor.  My 2nd Trimester screening blood work came back positive for a possible chromosomal disorder.

What does that mean? It means something MIGHT be wrong with the baby.  And as mentioned here we do not want anything wrong with this baby.

So my emotions are currently all over the place and I have barely been able to hold myself together to focus on work and not the situation at hand.

And right now I’m asking for your help.  There is little you can actually do right now, but there is one important thing you can do.  The most important.

PLEASE PRAY.  Pray and pass this on to anyone else you can possibly think of to pray to.  You can share my name, my story, whatever (no secrets here). 

Here are the specifics (that I do have):

·         On Thursday 3/20 I will be meeting with a genetic counselor at 8:30 AM to discuss all the “options” for additional testing that are available and what my initial results actually show as any possible issues

Prayer Request: That I’m WAY overreacting and the things that “may” be an issue are minor and something the parents are willing to deal with (not abort)

·         On Thursday 3/20 at 9:30 AM I will be meeting with a perinatologist to do a “2nd level” ultrasound to continue the screening process.

Prayer Request: That they find nothing because between today and then my God HEALS this baby OR what they find is minor and the parents are willing to deal with it OR if there is something wrong they just miss it

·         Sometime after that the parents will have to decide what additional tests they want (if they want).

Prayer Request: That they do not need anything more or that the results take so long we miss the “window” for the abortion so that abortion is NEVER an option during the next few weeks

·         And the last and least desired outcome that if the parents to make that horrible decision that God provides for Justin and I financially to cover the $100,000+ of expenses for the parents so we can choose to save the baby’s life.

Please, please, please spread the word to anyone, anywhere.  This little girl deserves every bit of a miracle (if a miracle is even what is needed)
UPDATE 3/12/14:
I got more information from my OB office:
  • The only "positive" result I got was for Downs (1 in 27).
  • EVERYTHING else tested "negative" - PRAISE JESUS!
I also got information from the Fertility Doctor (because my agency called him to clear some stuff up):
  • They did a FULL screening of the embryos before the transfer which included Downs and was negative (results can be wrong, but they are 95% accurate)
  • He is pretty confident the child does not have Downs and suggests I do NOT do any further genetic screening (still up to my IP/Intended Parents to decide)
  • He is pretty confident the results are scewed because of the twin that did not make it
So as of now I will still be going to the appiontments next week to give the parents a peace of mind but there is some relief from the information from the fertility doctor.  There is still a small chance there is a problem (like any pregnancy) so I still pray the results from next week are completely clear.

FAQ: here are the answers to a few questions I got after posting this as well

Would you consider abortion knowing you can't afford the $100,000? No, never.  This baby no matter what problem she may have is worth far more than that.  Justin and I will never agree to allow anyone to terminate her life outside of God's control.  This life is more presious to Him than even us and He will provide for us - we have full faith in that!

What if they want to abort, you say no, and the baby is born without any problems? Do you still have to pay?  From what the contract says, yes.  We would however, probably fight that legally if it came to that.

If the parents don't want the baby will you keep her? That's complicated. She is not mine (legally).  Despite whether they want her or not they are the legal parents/guardians so I have no say in what happens to her once she is born.  Justin and I would probably ask if they would be willing to let us adopt her if they will let us.  If not we will try to help them find somebody in the US that would be willing to adopt her.

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