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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Earthquake Story

I have to start by saying I find earthquakes relatively enjoyable.  I mean the So Cal earthquakes are usually around a 4-5 so it’s like a roller coaster in your living room.  However, last year when we had the few earthquakes (in the 4 range) I was home alone with all 3 kids and that was my first moment of terror.
The nice thing about earthquakes is that they are a slow build.  You hear it and feel it begin so you have time to react.  But how do you react with 3 kids all asleep in different beds in different rooms in your house? Which do you wake up to move to safety first? 
After that moment of freaking out last year I didn’t think about it again though.  Until this last round.
So here is how it all went down (keep in mind this was the first earthquake my kids have actually been awake to experience):
She had an earthquake drill Friday at school.  She told me she had to go under her desk in an earthquake and then asked where she should go at home.  I told her the safest spot in our house which happens to be the central location in our house and the quickest and easiest to get to.  As soon as the rumble started she bolted to under the kitchen table (not the agreed upon location, but a pretty safe spot none-the-less).  I was impressed the way she handled the stressful situation.  She didn’t hesitate and did what she needed to do.  That is NOT typical of Taylor at all…our drama queen by nature.  However, as soon as she was safe under the table gripping the leg she cried (her wailing cry) like we are all accustomed to.
Jordan was on the top bunk of her bed and couldn’t get down.  She tried to climb down but the ladder was shaking and she actually scratched her leg trying to get down.  She screamed the entire time (like we would have expected from Taylor).  She was probably the most terrified after it was over too.  Between tears and sobs she asked if we could buy a house with 3 rooms (she means 3 kids rooms) so she can have her own room so her bed can be on the floor.  She refused to get back in her top bunk so we let her sleep on the floor that night to feel safer.  We assured her that her bed was VERY sturdy (built by her papa) and that the bed her wall is on was the safest wall.  We told her she could lay as close that wall as possible and be ok.  She disagrees.
Elijah was already asleep when it hit.  Justin was in the hallway (I think) when it started so he grabbed Eli to move him to the doorway.  Elijah looked at Justin like “why the heck are you waking me up to lay me on the floor?” and then proceeded to fall back asleep in the doorway while the earthquake finished up.
Justin was a good daddy and got our sleeping son out of bed and then handled the freaking out girls well.  Justin is pretty much oblivious to earthquakes in general so out of all the earthquakes and aftershocks he moved for the “big one” (a 5.1) and noticed the smaller one Saturday afternoon.  I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m making up the aftershocks.
Again, I enjoy earthquakes.  I typically wait a moment before reacting.  You can feel them grow and you know when it’s getting big.  I watched Taylor bolt and cry, and listed to Jordan scream.  I got up to move toward Jordan to help her and noticed our TV swaying (which has NOT been strapped down yet despite my pleas to my dear husband).  So I stood in the safe spot with a hand on the TV to try and keep it from tipping (seriously the Davis’ don’t do well with TVs).
And that is our earthquake story.  Noting broke.  Noting knocked over.  Everyone was fine minus the scratch on Jordan’s leg.

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