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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

While They're Sleeping

So my kids are horrible sleepers in many different ways.
They come up with 50 excuses to get out of bed to “tell you something” or pee for the 10th time.
They scream on occasion merely because you told them it was bed time.
But the thing that they do that is the inspiration behind this blog is their flailing and kicking.  While they sleep.
They roll, they punch, they kick, they stretch (sideways), and anything else you can think of that involves movement while sleeping.
This makes sleeping next to them nearly impossible.
We rotate nights the kids take turns falling asleep in our bed before moving them to their own bed later.  Last night was Elijah’s turn.
So as I crawled in to bed (way to late I might add) I looked at his cute little sleeping face and thought several things that must be shared:
1.       Every parent should have a picture of their kid(s) sleeping.  In those far to common moments where you sit exasperated and wonder why on earth did we have kids? Look at that picture.  Remember how cute and innocent they are asleep and it makes everything just a little bit more bearable.
2.       How on earth can I love this little kid so much? You parents know what they are like while awake which is why #1 here is even needed.  But as Eli slept and I watched his cute little nose and slow breathing I just relaxed.  The love for your child is indescribable.
3.       How I feel while staring at my little kid is only a glimpse of how God looks at us.  That’s amazing.
4.       In about 5 months I get to hand a baby to a husband and wife and watch them become a mom in dad.  Watch them experience that moment of crazy indescribable love.  I am SO blessed to get that chance.  People tell me what a blessing I am to them and how I’m doing an amazing thing, but really all I think about is getting the chance to be part of their experience.  I’m the blessed one.  They chose to work with me.  That’s amazing.
5.       Lastly, I  thought…ok now it’s time to get him out of my bed.  I’ve stared at him for like 5 minutes and been kicked twice and punched three times.  Move it kid.

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