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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Little Avocado

I had my OB appointment yesterday and did not post because Justin’s Birthday easily trumps one of those standard OB visits.

You know (or you don’t know) the ones… the doctor walks in, uses her spiffy magic machine to check the heartbeat, asks if you have questions, and sends you on your way.
Because if nothing is wrong (and you are having your 4th baby) there’s not much else to talk about.
So my appointment was mostly standard.  I missed blogging last week to tell you about the little “Apple” who has now grown into a little “Avocado”.  Which means Uncle Sam hates the baby this week.
I wonder at what I point I stop calling her little… eventually a fruit will come along and I’ll think that cantaloupe is coming out of my nether regions in a few months, that is NOT a little fruit.
For now, although an Avocado is not small in comparison to those womanly parts of the body, it’s still small compared to what she will soon become.
Enough about that awkward subject and on to a more emotional one. Yay...emotions...
It’s no secret that I am, in ALL circumstances, against a woman’s “choice” to kill a child.  A debate that we will not have now if you disagree because it’s pointless via internet and just frustrating (call me!)
That being said my IP (intended parents or baby’s daddy/mommy) are not nearly as opposed as I am.  They think it is fine in the case of a “severe disability” of the child that can cause her an “unhappy life”.
The good news is my contract is written in a way that if I am forced to make the decision I can say I will not abort (and then have to pay for all the costs of the surrogacy of the parents which is about $100,000).  So no matter what this baby will live (unless natural means say otherwise)…it just might mean my family owes the IP a lot more money than we have or would have any time soon.
All this came about because I had my 2nd trimester screening blood work yesterday.  Somebody will analyze my blood and the info of the mom and me and decide if based on all of that the baby MIGHT have something wrong with it.  That makes me nervous.  Not because I have any assumption that anything is wrong with the baby, but because IF there are, things can get really costly for us.
So my prayer requests for the next few months:
·         This baby girl continues to grow nice and healthy
·         IF something is wrong with her the parents decide it’s worth it to keep their baby girl
·         OR IF something is wrong all these tests don’t see it, because I a firm believer that no matter what is wrong with your baby it is nearly impossible not to love them once you get to actually see, hold, and experience them
·         And that I continue to feel good during the pregnancy so that I can make sure my time off is not a burden to my coworkers
·         I will also settle for somehow winning a large sum of money that could cover the costs

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