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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Brain of a 2 Year Old

She’s 2. There’s not a lot I expect her to understand, but there are some things I expect her to realize.

She needs to realize that when we freak out every time she sits on Elijah like she’s “riding a horse” it’s because it’s a bad thing!

She needs to realize that climbing in his crib in the middle of the night to see if he’s sleeping is NOT ok.

I know she’s only 2, but how to I keep her from killing Elijah! Every time I turn around I swear she’s sitting on him, or trying to pick him up by his head, or in his crib…sitting on him or waking him up. We’ve tried time out, a swat on the toosh, a discussion as to how it could hurt him, and even some moments of pure freakout! I’m out of ideas.

Also things I’d like advice on…

We’d like her to realize that lifting your leg to see where the pee comes from while peeing makes a mess on the floor…and you get in trouble.

We’d like her to learn to watch where she’s going (she will have stitches before she is 3). She is SO clumsy!

We’d like her to stop standing behind doors and subsequently being hit with them or tearing her foot up under them when they are opened. Jordan why are you crying? Oh you ran into the front of the fridge…again.
<--- Jordan vs. Door

We’d like her to stay potty trained and not be perfect one day and have an accident an hour the next.

We’d like her to learn that copying Taylor is not cute, especially when it’s the bad habits, it’s just annoying.

Do I just fee like Taylor was much easier, or was Taylor in fact MUCH easier?

However, there are some SUPER cute thing Jordan does that I find irresistible!

Jordan does a “stuck” face. I have to try and get it on video for you!

She repeats you in the cutest way ever! Example:

Me: Jordan What is this (hold up movie)
Jordan: Blah-Me
Me: What?
Jordan: Tom-laaaa
Me: Are you just yelling things?

She’s a cuddler; Grandma calls her Lover Girl. She gives the best hugs and loves giving kisses.

She is the most polite child I know. She always says please, thank you, and you’re welcome.

She asks for high fives, and if you don’t give her one (usually because my hands are full) she’ll give herself one.

She loves to help. She gladly throws away diapers for me, or puts dishes in the sink, or even brings me things for Elijah, like wipes, when I forget them.

I LOVE that kid!


  1. Let me start by saying what you are experiencing is not at all unique! I had Will when Gigi was 22 months. I promise that Elijah will survive. Will didn't get as much floor time as Gigi did because I wore him in a carrier more for his safety. Soon Eli will be big enough to fend for himself and he will have the size advantage so she will get her due ;)

    As for the potty training...she is still learning. It is a continuum and not a specific moment in time. She is still learning what these muscles do and learning what the signals are that tell her it is time to go. Her little brain is so busy with other things that she doesn't always hear those signals until it is too late, and that is not necessarily her fault, just the mind of a 2 yr old. She is curious about how things work (hence the wanting to see where the pee comes from) and that is a good thing. Just remember that the average child is not completely *daytime* potty trained until like 3 yrs old. some do sooner, but plenty it takes longer. She will get there.

    Taylor was only easier because you only had one child to focus on and demanding your attention. Taylor isn't more difficult, just different.

    You are a wonderful mom! Just remember that she will *get* things in her own time, which may not be when you want her to get it. It sounds like her communication skills are great and have been developing quickly - I think that many kids brains can only focus on so much development at one time. Her brain is focusing on her language development so there isn't as much room for the potty learning stuff. She will get there.

    Miss you guys! And I have a bag of stuff to send, I have to get a box and pack it up - a few cute things for Eli too!

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  3. Sounds like you have a typical 2 year old, and a typical middle child on your hands! :) Brendan doesn't watch where he is going either...