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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Friday is when the Halloween festivities began for us. On Friday night our church did their Trunk-or-Treat with 50+ cars, bounce houses, games, and rides. Friday morning I woke up with a horrible cold so although we did make it to the event, we left pretty early.

The girls had so much fun going from car to car. Taylor was saying “trick or treat” and Jordan would tentatively go up and just open her bag for candy givers…well actually Jordan would walk up to anyone (including other kids) and open her bag waiting for candy.

The girls were very polite and said thank you after nearly every person they got candy from. Taylor even told Papa the next day “I say trick or treat and get candy then I say thank you.”

On Sunday, the plan was to go to Uncle Sam’s Church, but my cold kept me home with Elijah and Justin headed off with both girls. They did Trunk-or-Treat at Shoreline then headed to Grandpa Bob’s house to go to this crazy awesome area that had a whole street blocked off for a huge Star Wars themed Halloween thing.

In the end the kids had a great time and brought home way too much candy! I took out the chocolate for Justin, the hard candies to get rid of, the sour things for me, and they still have enough to last them several months.

Here is my Princess, Pirate, and last minute Baseball Player :)


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