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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Right Now

I am so blessed with my 3 very different kiddos. They are all so unique (still more to learn about Elijah of course). I wouldn’t trade them for ANYthing. I’m not sure why these past few days have made me dwell on the thought of how much I love them, but I have been and here are some of thoughts as a result:

*right now my kids cuddle and love on me… someday they wont want to
*right now my kids run to kiss me and hug me…someday they will be embarrassed to even be around me
*right now my kids tell me stories… someday they won’t even want to talk to me
*right now my kids get angry at me and a joke makes it all better…someday they will slam doors and yell things like “I HATE YOU”
*right now my kids ask for help…someday they will want to do it all on their own
*right now I am my kids’ best friend…someday they will have “new” friends and won’t want mommy to embarrass them
*right now my kids get sick and need mommy to take care of them…someday they will have a spouse take care of them
*right now my kids need me to show them who Jesus is…someday they will tell others
*right now my kids need me to change them and bathe them…someday they will change/bathe their kids
*right now my kids need me… today I realize I will always need them

I’ve been realizing I need to relish these moments… I don’t remember where, but some movie or something had amazing quote: “Enjoy them while they chase after you…someday soon you will be chasing after them”… or something like that

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