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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mommies Can’t Get Sick

I went to work yesterday and was feeling super dizzy. I thought at first my Iron was low (I have a blood condition called Thalassemia) and I took an iron pill (which is normally VERY bad for me), but after an hour that wasn’t working.

I’ve had a cold since last Friday so I figure all the head congestion was causing the trouble. Needless to say, Justin came to pick me up from work because I didn’t think it would be a good idea to drive feeling as dizzy as I was.

I was talking with a friend from work about how being sick at home is worse then being sick someplace else like work. It’s easier to go take a nap in my car in the work parking lot then to go home and get rest. Kids, especially young ones, don’t understand that you can’t be “mommy” while you’re sick. As I lay in bed and try to get some sleep I appreciate Justin’s attempt to keep them away, but they just wanted to lay in cuddle with me to make mommy feel better.

The bombardment of questions, “Do you feel better yet?, Are you Asleep? Mommy do you have a tummy ache? Do you need kisses?” are sweet, but when you are just trying to sleep it off are rather inconvenient. So today I sit at work feeling super icky and wish I was in bed sleeping to get better, but I know my body is getting more rest sitting in front of my work computer then it could at home trying not to be ‘mommy’

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