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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Note for God's Ambassadors

My girls love to watch Shanda and her videos on her blog. She is teaching in China right now which the girls are slightly familiar with since their Aunt Gemmy spends a good deal of time in China as well.

Needless to say after Shanda posted her last video about getting a package I decided to get together with the girls to write a “letter” to Shanda. They had so much fun and of course the letters turned into pictures since they are 3 and 2. Taylor, however, did write most of her name! She got the T, Y, L, O and I helped her with the A and R. She was very proud of herself.

This all got me thinking. I would love the girls to be able to “write” to missionaries. I know they can’t actually send letters or words of encouragement, but a picture from a small child is encouragement right? So here is what I’m thinking.

Once a month (or more) I’d like to pick a missionary that the girls and I can pray for at bedtime and mail a letter to. I’ll include of course a note that says we have been praying for them along with the pictures.

Because I do want to be able to note that we are praying for them I want to make sure that we are only mailing letters to people that are NOT in sensitive countries. I don’t want to jeopardize them in any way.

What I need help with:

Should I include a picture of the girls too? I’m assuming most of the people wont know us at all.
I need missionary’s names/addresses! Please send me a message via FaceBook with a missionary you know that is NOT in a sensitive area.
Also if anybody else with children of any age would like to be part of this we can send a whole pack of letters/pictures to the “Missionary of the Month” (Or more often depending on how many responses I get)

Thank you all so much!

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