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Friday, November 12, 2010

Half Productive or Half Lazy?

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day which means the Federal Reserve was closed which translates into banks being closed which means I was off. I had a whole lot of things I wanted to get done… I got to everything on my list, but didn’t finish a single thing on that list…

I washed all the laundry, but none of it is folded
I did a spot clean on the carpets, but didn’t do the vacuuming portion
I made a grocery list, but didn’t actually go shopping
I prepped the kids to go jump in piles of leaves, but realized it was too cold for mommy to actually go outside
I unthawed chicken for dinner, but Justin made hotdogs instead

What did I do? I’m not sure actually… Sort of just hung out with Justin and the kids. But doing nothing is sometimes the better then doing a lot of somethings. Back to work, and when I get home I must finish the other half of my to do list.

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