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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blog-Ache - Spread the WORD

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a normal blog and that makes my heart sad – so sad it’s aching right now. Well not really – its my right side rib area that hurts due to who knows what, but I’m going to say it’s a blog-ache.

I’m going to make the phrase stick…within a year you all and about 534 other people will be saying “blog-ache”.

Any-who… I have told you all that whenever I say/think Any-who I think of Stick Stickly from Nickelodeon! He would always say Any-who. And once I start thinking of Stick Stickly I start singing the song “Write to me, Stick Stickly, PO BOX 963, New York City, New York State, 10108”… I wonder who owns that PO BOX now… I think I might write them a letter.

Ok, so back to what I was saying originally – I haven’t written a normal blog in a while. By normal I mean not a “So Sayith Tay and Jay” and not a “Here is what we did today”. I’m talking about a normal random blog… like here is what is going on in my chaotic little world – come and join in the mess kind of blog. Those are my favorites. At least they are the most fun to write – not sure if they are as fun to read. I really wouldn’t know. I don’t read my own blog – I never really read anything I write/wrote – this included proofreading papers in college – I did it once maybe as a freshmen…but after that… well its just boring.

So instead of the stuff you should be getting today like here is what we did for Christmas… I will give you something much less topical and much more chaotic. To be honest if you don’t like chaos and un-proof-read things you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog.

What will you get today? Has the excitement been building? If so it is not intentional – Its just that up until about 10 seconds ago I really had no idea what I was going to talk about – but now I do.

Make-up. I promise this will not be overly girly for my male readers. I REALLY hate make up. I don’t hate it on YOU…or really ME for that matter. I just hate buying it and putting it on. It takes SO much time to get on and then twice that long to get it all off. It makes your face feel heavy like it is about to fall off and if you have twitch you can’t even rub your eye!

Concerned friend: Rachael, you have something crawling out of your eyeball!
Me: No I don’t I just rubbed my twitchy eye and black stuff seeping out of the corner of it – its all normal – no fear!

That wasn’t a real conversation – that is just the story my brain wrote while typing about a twitchy eye.

I don’t think I really need makeup, but when I don’t wear it I look about 16 – and I feel rather unprofessional at work.

Me with Makeup – Hello, I’m a professional ready to work my day
Me without Makeup – Yup, I just rolled out of bed and showed up – maybe I’ll be productive today? Who knows.

Now that isn’t how I actually think, but I feel like that’s how people are looking at. I really hate makeup. Can everybody else just stop wearing it so I can too? That’d be great.

Anyway, even though I don’t like the stuff my girls are quickly becoming fans of it. Jordan snuck into my bathroom while I slept yesterday and took out my make up bag.

I know you are picturing what I would be – A kid with blue eye shadow, red lipstick, and pink blush splotched onto every part of her face. But my friends, we are wrong. She actually put it on pretty nicely! The foundation was evenly spread, the lipstick (“lips” as she calls it) was mostly on the mouth, and the blush was prominently rosy on the cheeks – on her face AND Elijah’s of course.

I did not get a picture because I was so out of it in the morning I really didn’t notice it until cleaning off their faces after breakfast! So instead here is a picture of what you would have expected to see:

I don’t know who these kids are but I found them on Google so I figure its fair game.

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