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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(Insert Name Here)

There are some days I have a few minutes that are quiet and I think – Now is a REALLY good time to blog and I sit staring at a blank screen for 5 minutes and wonder why I can’t think of a single thing of interest.

There are more days where I have no minutes of quiet and think of like 20 things to blog. I find this situation just plain rude. My brain and I argue about this sometimes – I mean being rude is dumb, its even worse if your brain is being rude to itself (yourself/myself?).

Today again I almost gave up and then had a “duh” moment and realized I have the perfect thing to blog about!

The date was Saturday, December 2nd. I sat in the pew at church and thought I really like Christmastime – I should have a party. So a few conversations later it was decided – in 1 week the Davis’ would have a Christmas Party! Hopefully the first annual with a clever name for the event to come…maybe by the time I’m dong writing this I will have thought of a name and it just may be this blog title.

I invited way too many people to fit in our apartment, but since they are some of my dearest friends I figured they wouldn’t mind being a little cramped.

We started of with dinner. I made a honey glazed ham for the first time. Oh boy did it look hideous. I’m hoping that the fact there were no leftovers meant the sight was far worse then the taste. OR I just have really nice friends that forced it down anyway. We had green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, and a homemade chocolaty cake. It was fabulous! We converted my living room into a half dining room an fit 12 adults around the table. I totally forgot to take pictures!! This just adds to the reason why this should be an annual event. So I can get pictures next year.

We lost a few after dinner – not by death or food poisoning (I hope). We did however also gain a few after dinner and ended with more adults then we started with. We played a really fun game to start (Kim’s idea) – And again – I forgot to take pictures! How am I even allowed to own a camera?!

We played another game (Matt’s idea) and THIS time I got pictures – but half of them look so angry because they are concentrating ::sigh::: Again I ask, why do I have a camera? Now that I think about it – if the Newmyers should get a special thanks for the idea of 2 great games to play – so thank you!

I had an amazing time and am super thankful for the great friends God has put into my life. It is the time of year (at least for me) to look at the gift God gave us in his son on earth and enjoy the blessings that flow from that gift.

So until next year… not that I am going to stop blogging until then – you can’t get rid of me that easy. Well I guess you could just stop reading…

Thank you to the friends that helped the Davis’ have a special Christmas party (in no particular order unless the order is whatever my fingers type)

Scott, Rachel, Brendan, and Caleb
Tawni, Rob, Sammy
Kenny, Tracy, K5
Kandyce, Taylor
Matt, Kim, (Baby in the oven)
And Sam

Sam was last on purpose – because I figure he’d be the person that would be least care about being mentioned last.

Enjoy the few pictures I did manage to remember to take:

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