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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Knight and the Princesses

Last night at the Davis’ house there were two epic battles occurring simultaneously.

First there were the “big kids” – all the “men” playing a game of strategy and deathly blows with dice rolls. But although that battle is far more intense it is also far less cute then the other epic battle.
Before we get to the 2nd epic battle there should be a little recap – just because this group of kids is so stinkin’ cute!

I got home from work and was warned by Rob that Sammy was a little grumpy. To me that sounds like a challenge of course. So I sat on the couch next to him as they watched Surfs Up and tried to ask some simple questions – he was not having it. The only 2 responses I got were:

I spilled water on my pants! (this was highly unacceptable to him)
I’m not Sammy, I’m Sammy Webster Alan!

I moved on from couch sitting to dinner prep and kids chomped down some chicken nuggets – this is when I got my first smile – when I offered Sammy grapes.

After dinner my kids got a bath while Sammy played peek-a-boo with them with the shower curtain (the clear shower curtain). Taylor with a giggle would say “We can see you Sammy” and Sammy would say “No I hiding!”

After bath time we played a few games the kids all loved and were all laughing and squealing with delight. Granted the squealing was mostly coming from the girls and Sammy was doing more of the hearty laughing.

I needed a break after that so we moved on to watching Shrek.
They all lay quietly until Shrek began fighting (or really running) form the Dragon… This is where the real story starts:

Sammy: I’m the knight and I’m going to save the Princess!
Taylor: I’m the princess!
Sammy: No Jordan is the princess
Taylor: We can both be princesses
Sammy: We need a Dragon!
Me: I’ll be the Dragon – rawr
Taylor and Jordan run screaming while Sammy puts his fists up and says
Sammy: I’ll save the princess!

It was so fun, but so tiring! I gave up after about 10 minutes and they continued to play. About 10 minutes later Taylor came and said:

Taylor: mommy, Sammy won’t kiss me and wake me up and I’m the princess!
Me: Sammy doesn’t need to kiss you
Taylor: But that’s how the princess wakes up
Me: Its pretend, don’t kiss boys.

What a fabulous night!

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  1. So cute!! Thanks for cheering up my little man ... sounds like he had a blast!!