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Monday, December 5, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #5

Courtesy Rob - Why does Daddy play video games?

Taylor: because you don't want him to but he doesn't listen

Jordan: because he did on his computer

Courtesy Alianore aka Shelly Carlstrom - What does Christmas mean to you?

Taylor: its about Jesus because its Jesus birthday because he's a baby

Jordan: means you get a Christmas tree

Courtesy Brittany - How does the internet work?

Taylor: Because of the plugs down there (points to the outlet on the wall)

Jordan: it works all day

Courtesy Brittany - Why do people speak different languages?

Taylor: um, because they need to and they know how

Jordan: because Taylor talks different languages

Courtesy Brittany - How do you say I want a hippopotamus for Christmas in spanish?

Taylor: I don't know, maybe my teacher has to teach me.

Jordan: Waga laga sing

Courtesy Aunt Jeanine - Where is God? Can God see me? Can I see God?

Taylor: In our heart. Yes! No because he's in my heart.

Jordan: I don't know. Nope. Nope.

Courtesy PoPo - How do you make a cake.

Taylor: when you use the right ingredients - eggs and water and oil and pour chocolate syrup.

Jordan: When the chefs come.

Courtesy Veronica - If u were the president what would u do first? (since they didn't know what president was I defied it as "boss of the world")

Taylor: Um have presents, I mean if your the boss that means your mean to someone and then somebody gives you a present you say you don't want it because your mean. In Little People when someone is mean then they are bossy and they wont give you a present because they are mean.

Jordan: poop

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